A Tenacious Advocate

Miles Lackmann, Malvern , 11 Jul 2017

Gabriele recently sold two units for me in the Frankston Vic area. The sale prices achieved were higher than anticipated. I was very impressed that Gabriele withstood some relatively aggressive pressure from potential purchasers in terms of the asking price and the condition of the units. In a similar situation many agents would have transferred this pressure to me with a suggestion to lower the asking price. Gabriele, however, held firm and in the process demonstrated her extensive market knowledge, experience and highly developed negotiating skills. In short, I felt very fortunate to have such a tenacious advocate working on my behalf!
Upon appointing Gabriele as managing agent she advised that the rents were too low, the tenants were unsatisfactory and that to achieve a higher sale price the rent would need to be increased. Within 10 days one unit was leased to a new tenant at a significantly higher rental and both units were sold less than 30 days later. Whether you are buying or selling property it's preferable to have an agent who has your interests at heart and who conducts themselves professionally and competently.
I have no hesitation in recommending Gabriele.....give her a call!