Great result for All

William. R. Revill, FIEAust, CPEng, Certified Quality Engineer (USA) , 21 Aug 2013

Dear Gabi,
I write to thank you for the excellent attention you have provided to ensure that my recent property purchase has been successful.
We bought our property from you: We were impressed by your truthfulness and your willingness to take extra time with us to ensure that we understood all of the implications of our purchase. During the settlement period we noted that you were always available for ourselves, our solicitors and others to provide useful advice and support leading up to settlement. Our settlement went very smoothly due to this.
You have managed the property since we have owned it. We have seen you facing some challenging situations and have been pleased by your manner of dealing with these. The units you manage are clearly difficult, with problematic tenants, yet you have persisted and done your best to obtain an optimum outcome.
Thanks for all of this. Doing a good job when tenants are good is easy. But in this situation, you have faced up to some very unpleasant situations and have handled them with aplomb. I have no doubt that, despite the current problems, you will continue to manage the unit with skill and care and the rental will be successful in the future.
In summary, you have done an excellent job, both in the purchase process and the property management. I thank you for this and I do look forward to our continuing association in property rental operations in future.
I will be happy to commend your services to any of your potential clients based on the experiences of our rental property so far.